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Currently, we are in the craziest political season that I have ever seen since I started paying attention to politics back in about 1997 when I moved out of my moms house to go to college. I was young and ignorant, and naturally gravitated to the "Progressive" side. I talked to people all of the time about politics, I was mad when people from the "other side" tried to argue with me because, of course, I was right!

But what I found out the hard way was that the things I thought were right as a progressive were not the things that the people claiming to be progressive stood for. They didn't ever call out hypocrisy or argue against someone that was on their side, even when it was obviously blatant. I spent years and years trying to shore up my differences with them because I felt like what they stood for in general was what I wanted. I wanted to help people, I wanted to help with the poverty striking our country, I wanted to be sure that the people who want to work hard and live the American dream had an opportunity to do that. The reason for this is because I grew up in a really bad part of Tucson and was very poor and saw all of the bad things going on and wanted to do something about it. But when I watched what was happening and how the group of "Progressives" handled themselves, how they voted, and how they really did not stand for what they said they stood for, but really were there to "control" the masses with rhetoric. Nothing ever changed, but they would tell the people so much about what they were doing, and ended up blaming other people for why nothing was changing.

So by the time I was about 20, I started researching all of the other political denominations, along with the people of those denominations, how they vote, corruption among them, etc.

What I found was disturbing, everywhere I looked I found that all groups are unreliable, I found that all groups have an agenda, I found that the political system is against Americans. Their job is to trick us into believing they are doing something, when in reality the majority of them are, in fact, motivated by some other item or idea than the American people and the well being of the United States of America.

So I made a revalation, I am not going to back a certain party or get behind a certain group of people because people are sinful and will let you down. I decided I was going to start backing an idea, Conservatism. I now advocate for following the Constitution and the Bible. I believe that the Constitution was written by people who did care about the United States and Americans. They faught for freedom from a British power, and knew of the things that a government could do to control its people, and did their best to write in rules to allow for freedom for the people and minimize the amount of things people could do if they have managed to get into a position in government that they could bring down our country.

There were checks and balances built in to protect the American people, there were things written in to allow us to slowly change the laws as times change. It was meant to be done slowly, almost at a snails pace in order to be sure that things are not shoved through without anybody noticing, however, with the way Americans are these days with their TV watching and ignorance to anything going on outside of their small circles, along with the way people are so poor that the only thing they can focus on is their next paycheck, people are almost no longer able to pay attention, and are forced to get everything from their TV watching in the evenings, and since the liberal media has hijacked just about all news outlets on TV, there has been an emergence of left leaning propoganda in about the last 20 or so years that has obviously been giving people a false sense of what is going on in the government, and this page is to talk about that stuff so that we as Americans can come together and fight back against the crooked politicians that are willing to lie to us for their own gain. I hope you enjoy.

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We have a largely ignorant populus currently, who are being pacified by the "things" of this world, they sometimes work (94 million don't), and at the end of the day go home and watch TV. They are happy with their lives and don't care about politics, or they do not have time in their lives to worry about it.

In order for us as a people to take back the hijacked government, we have to start listening and remembering what people in government do and have done. We should learn lessons from these people, if they blatantly lie once on TV while talking to their constituents, we should hold them accountable for that. We should not vote for people because of name recognition, because just because they have enough money to pay for ads all over the place and have been in office for 40 years doesn't mean they should still be. I actually would love to advocate for term limits for all government offices. I believe that initially political offices were meant for people who loved America and wanted to help, I believe that people should leave their careers to "volunteer" to serve their country, and after a certain amount of time go back to their careers at home. They should not go into politics as a lifelong career, and they definately should not be able to make laws that include the populus and not them, or include them but not the populus. Obamacare is a perfect example, they made it so they do not have to be a part of it, for the rest of their lives, yet we are required by law to buy insurance even if we don't want it or need it. Why is that ok? Why is it OK that they have their own insurance that is so much better than any insurance we could ever get as civilians? Why do politicians get paid for the rest of their lives after serving in our government? I just ask these questions.

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